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Europe: Journalists Against Free Speech by Judith Bergman

  • Gone is all pretense that journalism is about reporting the facts. These are the aims of a political actor Being bought and paid for by the EU apparently counts as “press freedom” these days.

Thanks to Obama, America is two steps behind Iran in Middle East by John R. Bolton

The fall of Raqqa, capital of the Islamic State’s “caliphate” in Syria and Iraq, is unarguably an important politico-military milestone, albeit long overdue. Nonetheless, ISIS, a metastasized version of Al Qaeda, remains a global terrorist threat, and prospects for Middle Eastern stability and security for America’s interests and allies are still remote.

The Iran Deal: The Dog’s Dinner Obama Dished Out by Amir Taheri

“Trump violates international treaty!” “Trump tears up pact signed by world powers!”These were some of the headlines that pretended to report US President Donald Trump’s move on the “Iran nuclear deal” last week. Some in the Western media even claimed that the move would complicate the task of curbing North Korea as Pyongyang might conclude that reaching any deal with the world powers, as Iran did, is useless.

The Case for Assyrian Independence Oasis of Peace in the Middle East by Amir George

It is a solution to the refugee problem after centuries of persecution. Not only could Assyrian Christian refugees stay where they were, but as Jews did in Israel, they could come “home”.

“Czech Donald Trump” Wins Landslide Victory “I am ready to fight for our national interests.” by Soeren Kern

The election outcome, the result of popular discontent with established parties, is the latest in a recent wave of successes for European populists, including in Austria and Germany. The populist ascendancy highlights a shifting political landscape in Europe where runaway multiculturalism and political correctness, combined with a massive influx of unassimilable migrants from Africa, Asia and the Middle East, have given rise to a surge in support for anti-establishment protest parties.

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