President Uhuru Kenyatta didn’t congratulate me William Ruto told CNN Amapura Journalist

Elected president Samuei William Ruto in interviewed by Christine Amapura Journalist of CNN TV, said that since he won presidential general post election 2022 the President Uhuru Kenyatta has been never congratulate him. As oncoming president.

It seems like, new elected president Samuei William Ruto, has so much doubt that Uhuru Kenyatta as outgoing president he will not hand over government to him.

Between the two, Uhuru and Ruto there’s some Grudges and collideness raised after Uhuru and Raila handshake in March 9,2018.

For the past last five good years, many people were commenting that Uhuru Kenyatta has been playing Raila Odinga so that he will be retired peaceful and in legacy.

But the end of the day, he will hand over government in the hands of the Samuei William Ruto. It is not understable why Uhuru Kenyatta as on going president didn’t congratulate he’s comrade who was his deputy president for the last one decade.

What we can say is that time will tell us. Because on 13th September, 2022 which will be next Tuesday the new era president will be swearing in as the FIFTH president republic of Kenya.

But if it’s true that the presidential election results was OPAQUE, then, there’s no doubt he cannot congratulate him,and hand over government to him.

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