The IEBC conducted election 9th Aug 2022, in Kenya was “ChibuRuto system” says experts

In accordance constitution and the rules of law, the general post election held on 9th Aug 2022, presidential election and other positions wasn’t free and fair election.

In the filed petition general election presidential candidate petition, in the Supreme Court Kenya-Nairobi Milimani court, evidence highlighted by the lawyers representing returning officers of the IEBC.

Shows that the chairperson Wafula Chibukati system and IEBC were not free and fair election Compared general election held on 8th Aug, 2017.

Political analyst in the region found that, it is not first time of chairperson Wafula Chibukati rigging general election presidential candidate results.

The general post election of 2017, was nullified and void because of the luck of the integrity. That’s why petitioners requested Supreme Court banning Wafula Chibukati to represent anything in the country of Kenya.

The political experts analysts in the region says, the IEBC system is no longer called IEBC system, rather is ChibuRuto system.

In this regard, the Supreme Court of Kenya represents all the kenyan’s by Chief Justice Martha Koome, ordered to recounts the cast vote (15) polling station in 48 hrs since they’re ordered.

According the filed petition hearings on Wednesday, evidence found that the first petition voters were reduced and added to the first respondent. And also first petition cast voters from areas of Kakamega County, and Mombasa County, were reduced 4% from the first petition and added to the first respondent.

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