ChibuRuto system wasn’t drama queen election!??

The general post election held on 9th Aug 2022 was OPAQUE? Not accurate, secured, and verifyable says experts.

Now all Kenyan’s waiting the Supreme Court of Kenya providing kenyan’s presidential election results Justice.

The supporters of the elect president Samuei William Ruto believes that he will bribes judges of the Supreme Court to getting majority for making decisions in favors ChibuRuto system.

In another hand, the supporters of the flag bearer Azimio La Umuja H. E Raila Odinga believes in true Justice of the Supreme Court heading by madam Chief Justice CJ Martha Koome and others judges.

The Cartels of the general post election held on 9th Aug 2022, says that the ChibuRuto system also will be use in the Supreme Court and that is their believes.

According the research made last year 2021, in Nairobi County, Kajiado County, matatu’s drivers believed in corruption. Rongai constuency, Ngong constuency, Kisirian constuency and CBD Nairobi believes Cartels systems.

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