The key main  points in general election filed petition

Some of the nine 9 points in presidential election petition in Supreme Court Milimani in kenya Nairobi.

1. The Supreme Court of Kenya, will see whether the Independent Electral Boundaries Commission (IEBC) was conducted general election held on 9th Aug, 2022 in accordance the rules of law.

2. Whether IEBC technology used to upload 34 A’s, 34B’s,34C’s portal their results presidential election and member of parliamentary was on standards.

3. Whether the chairperson of IEBC Wafula Chibukati to announce the presidential election results was according constitution republic of Kenya and ruler of laws.

The request of the “elect president Samuei William Ruto” requested Supreme Court of Kenya to reject filed petition four commissioners were out.

And also, the former nominated MP Gatundu constience Moses Kuria filed petition requesting Supreme Court to reject the filed petition of presidential election of Raila Odinga was out.

Note that after hearing, the Supreme Court ruling on presidential election filed petition decision will be held next week on Monday 5th Sept, 2022.

And also, another headwind in Supreme Court presidential election filed petition, three’s 31 costuencies were untalled which was favorable to the H. E Raila Odinga.

According constitution republic of Kenya, aknowledge all the 800,000 thousands disabilities kenyan’s to cast their votes. In this regard, they filed presidential election petition in Supreme Court requesting to be allowed them to cast their vote. Which is before Supreme Court ruling decision will considered them.

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