Dore ibibazo 3 bikomeye cyane murubanza rw’amatora y’umukuru w’igihugu yabaye muri Kenya Aug 9,2022

Dore ibibazo 3,bikomeye gusubiza murubanza rwa presidential election

1. The number of percentage was exceeded 100.01%
2. 31 costuencies were untalled during additional presidential election results
3. Four commissioners were out during chairperson announced elect president which was illegal by constitution republic of Kenya, and ruler of laws let us one costuencies just give 0.1×31=3.1+48.85 announced by chairperson Wafula Chibukati equal 51.95%, between William Ruto and Raila Odinga who won election?

Abega community clan and abashambo community clan, Abasinga community clan shame on you. No choice I’m your King.

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