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Iperereza rishya ryerekana uruhare rwa FPR,n’Umwakagara muri genocide 1994


      Iperereza 20

Palestinians: Abbas Targets Hamas, Then Condemns Israel for Targeting Hamas by Bassam Tawil

Here is the situation: Abbas is arresting and torturing Palestinians on suspicion of being affiliated with Hamas at the same time that he is criticizing Israel for killing or arresting members of Hamas.

Countering Moscow: NATO’s New “Military Schengen Zone”

“Russia seeks to change the international order, fracture NATO, and undermine U.S. leadership in order to protect its regime, re-assert dominance over its neighbors, and achieve greater influence around the globe.” — U.S. Army General Curtis Scaparrotti, Supreme Allied Commander Europe.

Is Trump About to Repeat Obama’s Worst Mistake? by Malcolm Lowe

  • In early February, the Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman begged Turkey to cease its assault on Afrin, claiming — truly enough — that “the continuation of Turkey’s military operation will facilitate the return of instability and terrorism to Syria.” Indeed, deprived of American protection, the Kurds will hardly find anyone else willing to rescue them apart from Iran. If that happens, the Kurds will reward Iranians with same loyalty and devotion that they showed hitherto to Americans. Understandably, since they will owe their lives and homes to Iran, not to the United States.

What about the Plight of Myanmar’s Hindu Rohingyas? by Keya Mukherjee

In its effort to gather evidence against the Burmese government for its ethnic cleansing of Rohingya Muslims, the international community must not let the dire circumstances of the Hindu Rohingyas go unnoticed.

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