Ya’alon Responds to Kerry: ‘We Know Exactly What We Are Doing’

Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon responded to US Secretary of State John Kerry’s accusations that Israel is responsible for stalled peace talks, charging that Kerry’s plans for Israel would endanger its security and were impracticable.

In an interview with the The New Yorkermagazine this month, US Secretary of State John Kerry expressed frustration with the stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace process and placed the blame on Israel.

“We know exactly what we are doing,” Ya’alon told Israel’s IDF Radio on Tuesday. “I will say this clearly: we do not want to rule over them [the Palestinians] and it is good that they have political independence and that they vote for their own parliament. Between this and [Israel] leaving Judea and Samaria – then what? It [the Palestinian entity] will be vital – financially, with infrastructure and even security? If we[the IDF] would not be operating [against Palestinian terrorism] in Jenin and Shechem, Abu Mazen [Palestinian Authority head Mahmoud Abbas] would cease do to so as well.”

“It’s no secret we don’t agree [with the Americans] on everything,” he added. “If we would have implemented Kerry’s plans for security, which he passed on to us over a year ago – then there would be mortar shells falling on Ben Gurion Airport today.”

Minister of Internal Security Gilad Erdan blasted Kerry for his lack criticism of the Palestinians for their refusal to negotiate and their terrorism.

“I deeply regret Kerry’s remarks,” he stated. “I will not begin to ask similar questions about other conflicts occurring across the globe. I think that Kerry would have done better if, instead of making those statements, he put pressure on the side that actually refuses to enter a diplomatic process.”

By: Max Gelber, United with Israel

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