The world Prophecy of Majeshi Leon

Dated: Sunday, 24 July 2011. 15:11hrs The Journal interviewed MAJESHI Leon about his Prophecy which will be published in ...
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Amabanga y’Ikuzimu mu karere k’Ibiyaga bigari.

Uyu muryango washinzwe nabanyafurika bakundaga umugabane wabo w'Africa, ariko uyu muryango wageze mu mabako yabayobozi bo mu karere k'ibiyaga bigari ...
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Hamas Threatens Jordan by Bassam Tawil

  • The signs near the Al-Aqsa mosque were clear: “The cameras will be broken and the hands that hung them will be cut off.”

  • Installing video cameras near the Al Aqsa mosque would be a painful thorn in the side of all the terrorist organizations. The immensely successful collaborations in the area — those with Jordan and Israel and Egypt and Israel — serve the security interests of all three countries, as well as the Palestinians who do not wish to be taken over by Islamic extremists even more brutal than the leaders we have now. And that is precisely why Palestinian elements, from the Palestinian Authority to Hamas, were determined to sabotage the project.
  • Changing the name of the Temple Mount to Haram al Sharif is another example of the treacherous United Nations’ rewriting of history. The UN move is seen even by us Muslims as a villainous lie that denies not only the historic Jewish presence in Jerusalem, but the history of Christianity as well. Do they really think we are that stupid?
  • Regardless of what the treacherous UN thinks, surrendering to Islamist demands will not win the war against terrorism.

An article published in Al-Quds Al-Arabi on April 20, 2016 asked why Jordanian Prime Minister Abdallah Ensour fired Salame Hamad from his post as Minister of the Interior, despite Hamad having restored internal security and causing Jordanians to feel they were living in a country of law and order.[1]

The reason, it turned out, was that he was not decisive enough in dealing with the Muslim Brotherhood. While he did close some of its offices and place strict limitations on the number of Gazans visiting Jordan, he apparently did not deal with the movement emphatically enough, and had even met with its leaders in his office twice.

One of the signs of this weakness in dealing with Islamists was Jordan’s surprising recent backpedaling on an agreement instituted by the Jordanian Wakf (office of religious endowment), which was brokered by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry. According to the agreement, video cameras would be installed in Jerusalem at the Al-Aqsa mosque. The footage would be transmitted in real time to both Israeli and the Jordanian authorities. Such an arrangement would improve security in Al-Aqsa, and expose and prevent hostile activities by the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, the Northern Branch of Israel’s Islamic Movement and members of the Hizb al-Tahrir radical Islamist group.

The Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas, have, in fact, managed also to foul their relations with Egypt, the Palestinian Authority and Jordan. After years of loyalty by Jordanian Islamists to the royal house of the Hashemites, descendants of the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.a.w.), in recent years Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood entered into conflict with the Jordanian government.

Signs of the conflict were quickly evident in threats plastered on Al-Aqsa mosque. They warned against the installation of cameras. The signs were clear: “The cameras will be broken and the hands that hung them will be cut off.”

It is the very existence of the Jordanian Wakf that keeps the Palestinian Authority (PA) — and subversives from the Muslim Brotherhood, the Islamic Movement, Hamas and Hizb al-Tahrir — from turning the Al-Aqsa mosque into a fulcrum for a religious war between Islam and Judaism, on the false claim that the Jews and the government of Israel are supposedly plotting to destroy the mosque.

The truth is that the cameras would finally prove, once and for all, who the genuine provocateurs are that endanger the mosque. The cameras would expose the hypocrisy of the Palestinian Authority, which pretends to care about Al-Aqsa, while actually simply wanting to keep Jews from having access to the Temple Mount.

That is precisely why the PA, Hamas, the Islamic Movement and Hizb al-Tahrir all object so strongly to the project.

Sadly, the Jordanians since abandoned it. The collaboration between Israel and Jordan had left these extremist Islamic groups sitting on the sidelines, strengthened the appearance of Israeli sovereignty in Jerusalem and, more importantly, reaffirmed Jordan’s role in the religious administration of Al-Aqsa.

Even if, as some claim, the project to install cameras was originally motivated by Israel’s desire keep the mosque safe for its own security, polish its image abroad and demonstrate its sovereignty, Israel also clearly wished to maintain calm and to neutralize the propagandists who were inciting violence and making political capital out of the riots there.

Palestinian Arab young men with masks, inside Al-Aqsa Mosque (some wearing shoes), stockpile rocks to use for throwing at Jews who visit the Temple Mount, September 27, 2015.

The ability to oversee activities in and around the mosque would also have prevented European governments, such as France and the EU, who meddle in other countries’ business, from escalating the tensions on the Temple Mount in order to promote their own duplicitous political agendas of buying off terrorists. They hope, by attacking Israel, to appease Arabs.

Even if we are not thrilled with the expression “Temple Mount,” referring to the Jews’ Second Temple, destroyed by the Romans in 90 CE, and over the ruins of which the Al Aqsa Mosque was built, the use of the name is nevertheless well-documented in Islamic historiography. Caliph Umar ibn Khattab conquered Jerusalem in 638 AD, and uncovered the inner sanctuary of the Temple, the Jewish Holy of Holies, which the Romans had covered with garbage. He was helped by Qa’ab al-Akhbar, a rabbi who had converted to Islam. It was called the Temple Mount until UNESCO recently changed the name to “Haram al-Sharif,” another example of the treacherous UN’s bald attempt to rewrite history. Changing the name of the Temple Mount to Haram al Sharif is seen even by us Muslims as nothing but a villainous lie that denies not only the historic Jewish presence in Jerusalem, but the historic Christian presence as well. Do they really think we are that stupid?

The United Nations’ surrender to extremist Islam is sweeping not only the Middle East but also Europe, which is currently busy inviting itself to be raped.

Cameras near the Al Aqsa mosque would therefore be a painful thorn in the side of all the terrorist organizations. The immensely successful collaborations in the area — those with Jordan and Israel and Egypt and Israel — serve the security interests of all three countries, as well as the Palestinians who do not wish to be taken over by Islamic extremists even more brutal than the leaders we have now. And that is precisely why Palestinian elements, from the Palestinian Authority to Hamas, were determined to sabotage the project.

The very fact of installing cameras would have dealt a significant blow to Hamas and all the Islamist organizations, international and local, working non-stop to close ranks around the lie that “Al-Aqsa mosque is in danger” because Israel is allegedly planning to destroy it. Installing cameras would have dealt a blow to the followers of the Islamic Movement’s Ra’ed Salah, jailed for incitement, who photoshops pictures of “excavations to destroy the role model” and do their utmost to provoke bloodshed.

Installing cameras would also have dealt a blow to the Palestinian Authority’s demand that east Jerusalem serve as the capital of the future Palestinian state. The fact is that that no city significant to Islam — not Medina, Mecca, Qom, Karbala or Najaf — is the capital of any Muslim country.

If there is ever the genuine wish to have a Palestinian state — and serious doubts exist about that — Ramallah should be our rightful capital. If not, everyone can go home this afternoon; there will not be a solution.

A crucial factor in the equation is the Hashemite dynasty in Jordan. Al-Aqsa mosque is critical for Jordan as part of the religious justification for its kingdom, exactly as the Saudis need religious justification in Mecca and Medina. Jordan’s claim on Al-Aqsa Mosque is also part of its peace agreement with Israel. Hamas’s claim of “extremist Israeli provocation” is even more an attack on Jordan than it is on Israel. The threat to “cut off the hands of whoever installs the cameras” is largely a threat against Jordan, just as it also is a threat against Egypt.

The Egyptians are striking Hamas hard, and the Jordanians did not wait long to close the Muslim Brotherhood’s offices. The vultures are circling; only the Israelis are confused.

Regardless of what the treacherous UN thinks, surrendering to Islamist demands will not win the war against terrorism. Surrendering is, in fact, is the most certain way to encourage terrorism and ensure the fall of Jordan, the rest of the Middle East and the West. Perhaps the next American administration will be wise enough to understand that.

Bassam Tawil is a scholar based in the Middle East.

Hagiye kwaduka bibiya mpimbano.

Kuwa 14th Kanama 2014,ubwo nari kumulinzi w’ibihe,ijambo ry’Uwiteka linzaho lirambwira liti,mwana w’umuntu,gukiranirwa kw’Abakuramo inda kuragwiriye imbere y’Uwiteka Imana.N’uko ndeba hirya yanjye gato,mbona ikiganza cy’umwana w’uruhinja cyuzuye amaraso,maze ijambo ry’Uwiteka lingarukaho liti,mwana w’umuntu ubonye iki?

Ndasubiza nti  mbonye ikiganza cy’umwana wuruhinja cyuzuyemo amaraso,nuko malaika arambwira ati,ayo maraso ubonye alimo ararira asaba guhorerwa kuko bayarenganije ubwo bakuragamo inda z’abana bato.

None dore igihe gishyize cyera kuko Uwiteka agiye guhorera abakubaganiwe bazize akarengane!Dore urusaku rwamaraso yabana bato rwageze imbere y’Uwiteka,dore Uwiteka afatishijwe n’uburakari bukomeye agiye guhorera abera bazize akarengane batari bafite kicurira.

Ubwo mu gihe narimo kumva ibyo nabwirwaga ,mndeba hirya yanjye gato,mpabona ijambo ry’Uwiteka aliyo Bibiliya ijambo ry’Imana.Nerekwa ko,hagiye gusohoka indi bibiliya mpimbano izaba ifite amabara (2)umukara n’ikigina inyuma kugifuniko cyayo.

Mbwirwa yuko iyo bibibliya ali iya anti kristo uhagurukiye kurwanya abakiranutsi kugirango arebe ko niba bishoboka yayobya bamwe mu bitwa ko bahagaze!.

Ndabwirwa ngo mburire abakiranutsi ko,bakwiye kuba maso,abafite bibiliya zabo muzikomeze kuko bibiliya z’ukuri zigiye kubura,satani asohore izitari iz’ukuli kugirango ayobye intore z’Imana.

Urabe wumva birenge niwowe ubwirwa ejo ntuzavuge ngo ntiwabwiwe nyamarakumvira kuruta gutanga ibitambo uko niko Uwiteka avuze.



 Nk’uko amateka amateka abyerekana, uhereye kuri leta y’uwahoze ayobora icyo gihugu nyakwigendera perezida Habyarimana Yuvunali, mbere gato yuko leta ye,ikurwaho na perezida kagame,uhereye muri za 1992,hatangiye intero yitwa Ibyitso (,)Akadomo (.) n’Akanyerezo (-) izi zari za kode zakoreshwaga mu guhiga abanyarwanda bo mu bwoko bw’Abatutsi.


Ababyibuka neza, baribuka yuko icyo gihe abantu bajyanywe gufungirwa muri za stade amahoro, kuburyo bahabwaga igikoma bakakinywera munkweto!!Batoranyamo abagomba gufungwa nabagomba kurekurwa, hanyuma abaciriweho iteka, batwarwa muri 1930.

Aho bafungiwe igihe kitari hasi y’imyaka (2) none nkuko bikunze kuvugwa yuko amateka yisubiramo,niko bitangiye ku ngoma ya PFR,mu gihe gito isigaranye ngo irunduke,ubundi birazwi neza cyane yuko abanyarwanda bo mu bwoko bw’Abatutsi bo mu rwego rw’Abacika cumu,ko ar’intwari,mukurwanya igitugu cy’ubutegetsi bwabayeho mu Rwanda.

Iyo ikaba imwe mu mpamvu yatumye bishirira ku icumu nk’udushiriri,kubera ubwo butwari ishyaka riri kubutegetsi rya FPR inkotanyi,basanzwe babaziho,ndetse iryo shyaka akaba aribo ryagize ikiraro bakabagira ibitambo kugirango bagere kubutegetsi.Byatumye iryo shyaka ry’inkora maraso,rifatira icyemezo kubagenzura muburyo bwose bushoboka kugirango batazavaho begura umutwe.Akaba ariyo mpamvu umuryango wabacika cumu FPR yabanje kuwigarurira,kuko batinyaga ko rishobora kuzaba ishyaka rya politiki bityo abatutsi bose badashyigikiye ubutegetsi bakazaryibonamo.

Amakuru avuga yuko,ngo yaba ar’imwe mu mpamvu zatumye nyakwigendera Acieli Kabera war’umujyanama wa perezida wa repubulika ya lll,yicwa,ubwo umunyakamakuru w’inyangeNews yarakiri mu gihugu cy’ubugande,yagiranye ikiganiro n’umwe mubashinjywa kuba baragize uruhare mu iyicwa rya nyakwigendera Acieli Kabera ariwe RUTAGUNGIRA RENE,atubwira ko rwose yishe Acieli Kabera ku itegeko rya Gen.Kayumba Nyamwasa Faustin,yaboneyeho no kubwira icyo kinyamakuru yuko ngo ariyo mpamvu yarekuwe kubera ko cyari ikibazo cya politiki.

Ibyo ntibyagarukiyeho, ahubwo n’uwahoze ahagarariye abadepite mu Nteko Nshinga Mategeko bwana JOSEPF SEBARENZI, icyo gihe nawe yabigendeyemo kuko nawe yari mucyo bitaga solidarite kibuye yarizwi nk’Abatutsi babacika Cumu bashobora kuzigaranzura FPR umwanya uwari wowose kubera ko bari barize,ikindi ni uko bari bazi igihugu bihagije kurusha bene wabo babatutsi bavuye hanze kabone nubwo bari bamaze kubabohora igitugu cya kazu kabakiga ba Ruhengeri na Gisenyi.

Abatutsi bavuye mu gihugu cy’ubugande babava ntara nkuko magayane yabaraguye,bahise babitera ijisho amaguru ayabangira ingata nyuma yokuburirwa n’umuhanuzi Majeshi Leon wakoreraga muri Congo,akaza gutumwa n’Imana kuri Sebarenzi Josepf agahita akuramo akarenge ke.

Undi wahuye nuruva gusenya,n’uwitwa Perezida Pasteur Bizimungu washatse kunga Abahutu n’Abatutsi,kagame yahise amwikanga maze bakora inama bavuga yuko ngo arimo gushaka igikundiro kubatutsi babacika Cumu bazwiho kuba bafite uburambe kurwanya igitugu cy’Abategetsi bayobora Urwanda.Amakuru avuga yuko uwahoze ari perezida w’Urwanda bwana Pasteur Bizimungu,ngo nyakwigendera Col.Patrick Karegeya ngo niwe wamufatiyeho pistol amutegeka kuva kubutegetsi kuko icyo gihe wari umuyobozi mukuru wa External Security Organization ariyo yaje guhindurwa National Security Service (NSS) akaba ariwe wamukuye kubutegetsi kubera kutigirira ikizere kwa FPR.


Nyuma yuko babonye ko bamaze kwica no guhamba,no guhambiriza abo batavuga rumwe,cyangwa abo babonaga ko bashobora kubarusha imbaraga muri politike y’Urwanda yaritangiye kugaragara ko ,noneho haba hagiye kubonaka ubwisanzure n’uburenganzira bwa muntu.Aho niho FPR yahise itangira guhangana nabahanga muri politike kugirango ibahambirize hakiri kare kuko amatora yari yegereje kandi amashyaka rya PL na PSD bari bari bafite uburambe mukurwanya igitugu.

Ibyo byatumye FPR ikora ibishoboka byose kugirango yigarurire bamwe mubayobozi bayo mashyaka kugirango akorere mu kwaha kwabo, abatabyemera bahambirizwe riva, abasigaye bayoboke abatebyemeye babashinje ingenga bitekerezo, aha rero niho indagu za magayane zatangiye gusohora aho zivuga ko uRwanda bazarwigera ariko nyuma bakarwamburwa nk’ubufindo.

Ikimenyetso cyo kwamburwa ubutegetsi,ni uko Abatutsi bagombaga gusubiranamo kugirango kwa gusenyera kumugozi umwe bihite birangira bityo haboneke icyuho muri bo,noneho abazabusenya bazabone inzira yo kubusenya.Nibwo abitwaga ibikomerezwa nka Dr.Gahima Gerald,Dr.Rudasingwa Theogene,Col.Karegeya Patrick,Gen.Nyamwasa nabandi batangiye gucaho maze indagu ziba zirasohoye,kuko ababushyizeho,ninabo bazabukuraho.

Bitewe ni uko igihe cy’ubuhanuzi cyari kitaragera,nta witwaga icyitso (,) cyangwa akadomo (.) cyangwa akanyerezo (-) ariko ubungubu kubera ubuhanuzi bubamereye nabi,igihe cyabwo kikaba gisohoye,wa mwuka wibyitso urongeye uragarutse,na none nk’uko padiri THOMAS ahora abisubiramo uko ibihe bihora bisimburana iteka N’UBUNDI BYONGEYE GUTANGIRIRA aho byatangiriye nimubacika cumu b’urwagasabo.

Gutembera kwa perezida Paul Kagame ibice bisigaye by’Isi,nibimwe mu bimenyetso by’amarembera y’ingoma y’igitugu n’ubwicanyi.

Nkuko ubuhanuzi bw’umuhanuzi Majeshi Leon bwashyizwe ahagaragara n’ikinyamakuru inyangenews,uhereye kugice cya 1-3 uhasanga aho ubuhanuzi buvuga yuko ukuru wigihugu cyacu,azatembera isi yose akayirangiza kuburyo ntaho azasiga.

Ubuhanuzi ubusomye neza bubasha ku kwereka aho ibihe bigeze ngo Urwanda ruve mukaga rwatejwe nabarepubulike bafashe ubutegetsi ku ngufu za gisirikare ari nta matora yabaye ngo abaturage bihitirimo ubutegetsi bubabereye.

Imana yavuze ko,ngo kagame azatembera isi yose,kandi Imana izamugeza aho umutima we wifuza kugera hose,ariko ngo izamumanura hejuru imujyane ikuzimu nk’uko yamanuye umurwa w’Ibaburoni.

Iyo urebye inzinduko asigaye agira,ushobora gusanga ataramahoro,we,yibwira ko bimuha amahirwe yo kumenyekana kandi akarushaho kwigwizaho umutungo binyuze mu nzira z’urugendo,ariko nyamara kubazi kureba kure baravuga ko yaba ari mu minsi ye yanyuma.

Umupfumu yabwiye ingwe ati urabe wumva mutima mucye wo murutiba!abantu bakunze gusoma amakuru ariko sinzi nibz zyz makuru haba hari icyo yaba abamarira ngo bumve ko hari icyo batekereje kitari gisanzwe mu miterereze yabo ya buri munsi.

Imana ikomeje kugaragaza ko FPR,inkotanyi ibyayo byarangiye yamaze kuva kubutegetsi,hasi

Guess Who Is Helping Islamists to Oppress Women? by Thomas Quiggin

  • Why Canada’s Minister of Immigration should be accepting an award from an individual whose own organization (ICNA) openly advocates violence against women is not clear. Minister Hajdu, despite her role as Minister for the Status of Women in Canada, has remained silent on this issue despite being made aware of it directly.

  • Not only did the child services department do nothing to help the 1400 girls being raped and forced into prostitution, in fact she (and others) went out of their way to silence anyone who tried to speak out. Rather than face the fact that a problem of mass rape existed, Joyce Thacker played a role in the cover-up.
  • Canada’s Prime Minister Trudeau has declared himself to be a “feminist” and s
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