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Northern Nigeria’s Democracy Under Threat by Nuhu Othman

As is the case across the globe, the platforms of Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and others are a double-edged sword. They are used for a disseminating information, but also for spreading disinformation and lies, as well as for recruiting fighters to the Boko Haram terrorist group, based mainly in Northern Nigeria, and responsible for the bulk of the suicide bombings and other mass murders committed in Africa.

Christians Who Libel Israel: The Iona Community by Denis MacEoin

“Why Gaza does not have bomb shelter[s]? Hamas took control of Gaza Strip in 2005 following Israeli withdrawal. However, hostilities never ended… Had Hamas built bomb shelters, the causalities would have been reduced. It seems Hamas does not pay much attention to the number of dead Palestinians.” — Abdulateef Al-Mulhim, journalist, Arab News, 2014.

“It’s a War on Christians”: Muslim Persecution of Christians, April 2017

“The shopkeepers returned, trapped him in his home, set the room on fire and locked it. They stayed outside the room and did not allow any of the family members or local residents to unlock the room to save Ameen’s life.” The man was burned alive. — Pakistan Christian Post.

Puffing the Turkish Chibouk in Ankara by Amir Taheri

When in a recent column, I commented on efforts by NATO powers to establish some contact with the Iranian military, I didn’t expect any quick development on that score. However, this is precisely what happened last week when Iran’s new Chief of Staff, General Muhammad-Hussein Baqeri led a 40-man military-political delegation to the Turkish capital Ankara for a three-day official visit which had been the subject of months of intense negotiations between the two neighbors.

Putin gives Netanyahu extremely rare, medieval Bible

Russian President Vladimir Putin presented Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with the first Bible ever printed with the commentary of medieval French Rabbi Shlomo Yitzhaki, known by the acronym “Rashi,” during their meeting Wednesday in Sochi. Rashi was one of the most influential Jewish sages in history.

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