Monthly Archives: May 2023

Inama yigaga k’umucamanza muri Iran yaraye irangiye!!!

Ibiro ntara makuru byo mu ijuru “Heaven News Media Agency” biratangaza ko mu gihugu cya Iran haraye habereye inama yigaga k’umucamanza “Chief Justice of the world” Umwami Kigeli Ndoli.

Foreign Interference? How Non-Citizens Are Voting in American Elections

Electoral fraud and hacked elections concept with a hand wearing a leather glove and stuffing a ballot box isolated on white background with copy space and a clipping path cut out

You probably know the [National Voter Registration Act] as “Motor Voter.” It is the federal requirement that requires state motor vehicle offices to offer voter registration and the ability to update your address.

‘The Official Truth’: The End of Free Speech That Will End America

Cancel Culture concept or cultural cancellation and social media censorship as canceling or restricting opinions that are offensive or controversial to the public with 3D illustration elements.

[M]edia polling from Harvard-Harris showing that Americans hold almost diametrically opposing viewpoints from those that news corporations predominantly broadcast as the official “truth.”

Raila Odinga tells Ruto to denounce the ‘shareholders’ stance by DP Gachagua

BREAKING NEWS: Kanini Kega and Sabina Chege expelled from Jubilee party

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