Monthly Archives: March 2023

Leta ya kenya kwanza iyobowe na Samuei William Ruto imaze guhitana abantu (14)

Amakuru agera kuri aratangaza ko Leta ya William Ruto imaze kurasa abantu (14) mu bigaragambya basaba Leta kudohora umukandara ikoroshya ubuzima.

Nta mvange y’umugisha n’umuvumo!!!

National Security Threat: Another Latin American Country Chooses China

The Biden administration seems adept at launching grand schemes that make it look as if it is doing something about countering China in Latin America, but American leadership seems to be entirely absent.

The Real Reason China is Arming Russia in Ukraine

Just as Iran has used Ukraine’s brutal war to test the effectiveness of its drone and missile technology, so China’s emerging industrial-military complex is reportedly looking for opportunities to conduct a rigorous evaluation of its new weapons systems; Chinese arms manufacturers are reportedly keen to test the effectiveness of their new weapons systems in Ukraine.

Iran and the Changing of Course!

Perhaps a more interesting sign has come with the purges carried among security forces with some of the more hardline officers moved aside or sent into early retirement.

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